A bride and Her Thoughts

I walk in my white dress towards the aisle, my heart throbs and I could hear it loud

I could feel my heart coming out of my chest; I stared down at the fake bouquet in my hands

I told the bride’s maids to put on their brightest face; I hope they are playing their role well!

Regally I walk towards the pastor who probably wants me to walk fast. Not today sir!

The pianist fingers already hitting on the notes; you better behave your fingers!

I cringed at the sight of the decorations on the altar; a better job could have been done!

With a big smile I looked to see family members seated in their colourful asoebi and the hand fan gear on their head. Why not steal the day!

The men calm trying not to act so impressed with the whole ceremony, Smile bro!

I looked towards the minstrel seat to see the females faces lit with dreams. Patience sisters!

The men gave the side face, as if they have little or no interest. It’s just a matter of time!

The choir director adjusting his tie to show his eagerness to loosen it, not anytime soon!

I could smell the envy aura oozing out from where my friends are, wish you luck girls!

Okay folks, let’s get this over with and head straight to the reception for the jollof rice you came for.

Shall we start the show, ladies and gentlemen?






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