About Me

I am motivated by my love for creative writing and succeeding as I strive to become an outstanding and successful woman; with a well-defined goal of becoming a professional writer. Through my passion for writing, I have embraced a fanatic interest in creative writing from my teen’s age; and wants to create a platform where children and teenagers can come to pour out their emotions into creativity instead of making impulsive decisions that might mar their life or create a setback for them.

My stories are reflections of my personal life experience and day to day people’s lives with a touch of fiction. I take cognizance of what happens in my environments; thereby creating a world of escapism with a door to real events.

I see life as a stage, where we all are actors playing our roles, how you want your story to end depends on how you direct your acts. In a play, we have the major and minor character and I for one wants to be among the major character who would leave a footprint for the younger generation to follow.

I’m open to writing projects and collaboration. Send me a message, or follow my updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Medium