Don’t Touch Me

“Don’t touch me,” he shrieks, with fierceness on his face

“Stay back,” she shouts, with fear, taking a step back

Sympathy and empathy lost amidst the catastrophe we find ourselves.


The virus went viral, both online and offline

Though the world is positive at this sensitive time

Every one wishes the results to be negative when tested.


News spread across the globe, it’s pandemic and epidemic

Brothers become strangers, Sisters become aliens

Families stare at families, like microscope

With glaring eyes everyone is suspicions of each other.


We are told not to hold hand, don’t touch your face

Don’t sneeze on your palm; don’t cough on your palm

Who? They echo. Who ahn! They whisper.


You start to wonder if everything was alright, with a still voice in your head

Is my cough a dry one, is my sneezing rational

You become your own consultant and specialist


Words like self distance, self-isolation and quarantine

Were welcomed in the daily usage of English

The new language we all speak.  Not forgetting

Face mask, hand gloves and wash your hand with soap.

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