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Welcome to the second edition of Creative Lounge. In this second edition, it is with delight to have Flipleaves with us. Creativity is a beautiful thing when you have groups of people coming together to create a work of art from nothing to something. Especially when it is for the betterment of the society. Flipleaves is an organization that is here to make solidify impact in the world of  creativity by providing means by which children can be educated and also cultivate good and early reading culture.


SQ: What inspired Flipleaves?

Ans: Flipleaves was inspired by a couple of things. It is a channel to fulfil so many desires. First by the need to make an impact and make our society better and secondly because we wanted a fun and innovative way to bring together the new generation of creative minds to create awesome things.


SQ: Who are the faces behind Flipleaves?

Ans: Flipleaves over the past year has had many faces and hands behind its success. The project is led by Anakhuagbor Sule who is the creative lead and Oyindamola Fashogbon who manages operations and brand management for the project. Other supporters of the project can be found https://flipleaves.com/about-us/ and https://flipleaves.com/creativeshub/


SQ: What is a bookathon?

Ans: A bookathon is basically a book creation hackathon.


SQ: Who are the people you work with when organizing the bookathon?

Ans: We work with hubs such as Workplace and a lot of creative geniuses.


SQ: When was the first edition?

Ans: The first edition of Flipleaves Bookathon was held on the 22nd of September 2018 at WorkStation Victoria Island.


SQ: How long does it take to organize an edition?

Ans: An event edition takes an average of 4 months. This includes time to source for and screen creatives and also source for funds/partnership for the event.


SQ: What do you look out for when selecting your team?

Ans: At the moment, we are creating books for kids from age 0-5, so an important factor we look out for is the ability to create for kids. It is not a very common one as many write from their experiences and with their language (the adult language), so being able to write for kids and work with kiddies colors and scribble for kids is key in selecting team members.


SQ: Is there any particular genre of literature you accept?

Ans: Yes, for now, we only accept prose. No poetry or drama for the kids.


SQ: What are the challenges you face to organize the Bookathon?

Ans: A major challenge is finance and support. We must say over time, we have been able to identify and work with selfless young creatives but it has not been easy getting people who will sacrifice their skills for no cash return.


SQ: What are the challenges you come across after the Bookathon till the books gets to the children?

Ans: For many, the process ends on the day of the Bookathon, however, that is not the case, editing the books and getting them ready for publishing is a major challenge we face. It is quite difficult getting the creatives afterwards to tidy up their works. Also, the challenge of raising funds to print the books. Though we put them up online for kids who have access to the internet, a major chunk of our target audience are kids who do not have access to the internet, and we need to print out these books for them


SQ: Is there any particular area you distribute the books to?

Ans: The focus is Nigeria, we will get these books as far and wide in Nigeria as possible as long as we can identify the need.


SQ: Is there any difficulty the groups you select faces?

Ans: A fun part of the Bookathon is working with people you have never met before to create magic. This can also pose a challenge as everyone has got their work style and pattern.


SQ: How often do you get sponsorship?

Ans: …not very often. The project has been majorly self-funded by the organizers.


SQ: How can people who want to contribute financially do that?

Ans: Financial donations are received via the Flipleaves bank account: Stanbic IBTC 0032567280 Flipleaves. We also have a paystack link https://paystack.com/pay/g8e3lzs6jm where people can make payments.



SQ: How can creative-minded people get in touch with you? For those that want to work with you before the bookathon, during and in the distributions of the books?

Ans: We can be reached via our social media pages @flipleaves across platforms. You can also email us to contact@flipleaves.com orflipleaves@gmail.com or visit https://flipleaves.com/get-involved/ to join us


SQ: Is there anybody or organization you look forward to working with?

Ans: We look forward to working with as many creative bodies in the country as possible. Also, Government agencies or bodies who provide funds for causes like this.


SQ: Which is your preference of publication between ebooks and hardcopy? And why?

Ans: The end goal is to have hard copies of all our books. Our target kids are not people that always have access to devices. We want to go far and help kids start building their own libraries. In summary, we prefer hard copy books although ebooks help us reach places we might not be able to reach with our hard copy books.


SQ: Is Flipeaves making any plans towards the world of creativity in the coming year?

Ans: There will be Flipleaves Bookathon 3.0 in the year 2020. Hopefully, we are able to make more than 4 books at the event. We are also looking at exhibitions and other creative ways to help and nurture kids in the world of creativity.


SQ: What do you think the creative community should work on in order to create more reading culture among people?

Ans: As a creative community, it is time we take a step back and focus not only on what will get into our accounts but how we can impact our society with our skills. We know it is not easy because man must survive but it will be cool for all of us to be able to sing ‘Beyonce’s I was here’ at the end of it all.


SQ: A word of advice to the creative people.

Ans: Identify your own creative strength and explore it to the fullest even if it is road that has not been travelled before.

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