Lock Down in Time of Quarantine

At this crucial time, the deadly coronavirus has caused people to be wary of who they are with or where they are. It is very understanding, since no one can specifically know who might be the carrier of this deadly disease till it is too late.

The disease is said to be symptomatic at the initial time when the world was getting to know it. After some while, it was confirmed that you might be a carrier and be asymptomatic. A carrier of this disease does not show symptoms until the seventh to fourteenth day. More reason it is troubling, you might have contacted it and not know, whilst spreading it to people around you such as family, neighbour, and colleagues at work. In the course of the time the symptoms is yet to surface, imagine the number of people you get to meet, especially if you are a social type.

Some people find it hard to believe there is anything called coronavirus. They continued their daily activities as if the mere discussion of it is made up by people who have nothing better to do than to spread false rumour. Some even believe the disease is meant for only the rich man who keeps travelling to other countries.

The environmentalists’ opinion of the whole scenario is the earth taking back what it’s hers after our ill-treatment. Their analysis is once human don’t get to go about their notorious activities that pollutes the air, water and environment, the world will be a better place.

Not forgetting the people of faith, who sees this deadly disease as a way of God punishing us for the bad things the mankind has been doing. Some believe it’s the sign of end of the world. Though humorous, some also thinks rapture must have taken place.

The saying “health is wealth” comes of great benefit in this situation. How you have been taking care of yourself health wise is one thing that will be of great help. Most of us might not have been exhibiting good eating habit. In order to fight this deadly virus in our system, our immune system must be well-built.

Before the lockdown in Lagos, I was at the bus stop waiting for a keke ride to take home. Fortunately for me, the keke that stopped to take me was empty. I hopped in. I was still smiling at my fortune for be the only one, when the driver asked, “You get change?” lucky enough, I had the exact denomination to pay. I stretched my hand to him. His next words, “ Ahn ahn madam, we never even start journey, you don dey give me money. Abi you wan give me coro?” I chuckled at his effort to joke.

“Abi, you self believe this thing” he continued. I had to think through before giving him my answer, “person wey go die, go die.” I said. “True, true, I just believe say you be true igbo lady” I glared at him. I didn’t bother to correct his speculation, so we won’t derail from the discussion at hand. “Na all this Yoruba people dey fear too much.” Though my contempt changed, I struggled to hide my disgust.

“Na all those rich people the thing dey catch most. You don see poor man wey the thing catch or wey die because of the thing. “

We continued our journey to the next bus stop, when he stopped to pick some passengers.  Fortunately for me, they weren’t headed towards our destination. “A  poor man like me fit eat dirt, I no go die, but you see those big people, they no fit. Them go die” he continued

At this point I had to say something “Na true sha, a mad man fit eat for dumpster. Nothing go do am but ordinary person no fit do the same, na hospital he go find himself”

“ Na dem know wetin dem they look for up and down. Why dem no go get am. People like me wey dey mind my business no fit get am. Thank God say na keke I dey drive. I no dey travel comot. Na dem go suffer am pass.” He continued till I got to my bus stop and alighted.

When will people realize this disease is not a respectant of gender, age, or social class. Its aim is to find a host and once it gets one without a good immune and preys on it. This is not the time to be careless of your health and take solace in poor man mentality.

Our watchword at this detriment time should be “Stop the spread”, “Be your brother’s keeper”, “Wash and Pray”, “Cleanliness is next t godliness”, “Stay home and be Safe”. In the course of us trying to eradicate this deadly virus, always wash your hand with soap and water, followed by the use of Hand sanitizer and use your face mask and hand glove. Don’t forget “Do not touch your face.”

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