The Dart Within – Episode Two

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I heard mama closing the door behind the policemen. I quickly wiped the tears in my eyes when I heard mama coming. She stood beside me staring at the man on the wall she calls her husband without cringing or crying.

“Are they gone?” I asked, joining my hand with hers.

She nodded her head.

It’s been a week we both caught Romoke pounding on my parents’ bed with my father. A lot have happened after that. Romoke was arrested when my father slept and didn’t wake up the next morning. She was looking confused when the policemen handcuffed her. She became teary when she looked towards my mother for explanations but got a cold shoulder instead.

Mama held my shoulder tight, “you must shed no tears for him. You see what he did to me?”

I nodded, wiping the tears that were already streaming down my eyes. I don’t know if they were for my dead father or Romoke who might end up in jail for a crime she knows nothing about or my mother whose husband has been nothing but a torment to her or me who have to keep all the secrets in the house on my little shoulder.

She gave out a loud sigh before walking away. I thought she would feel some emotions for the lost of her husband or look somber so the police won’t suspect her. Rather she wears white, telling people that were his favorite color and she must wear it to honor her husband.

I looked at Mama walking out of the room heading out. I followed her with a big question I’ve been meaning to ask her.


Why him?

I stood beside her at the balcony. I watched her closely for some seconds before voicing out the word. She looked at me as if she had just seen his ghost. I thought she wouldn’t answer me when she turned her face towards the gate as if I said nothing.

“I was in love. I was young and stupid.” That was all she said leaving me to enter the house.

This time around, I stood where I was, not bothering to follow her.


 …To Be Continued





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