The Falcon’s Call


You were told to maintain but you would rather sustain

I hope the injury you get because of your disobedience

Helps you to sustain the memories of your strong-will

You are just like the chick that is warned not to go to

The top of the dunghill; its excited look turned to horror

At the sharp grip beak of the eagle regretfully, he realized he should

Have heed to the alarming warnings of the elders

Your tales won’t be the first to be told in the same lines

Remember the story of the prodigal son? Yes!

That very one you were told severally, nodding your head

To show you understand it well enough, well I hope

You won’t keep late to hear the falcon’s call, calling to you,

Beckon you to come back. Trace back your steps to the very:

Beginning you were cautioned of your staggering moves.


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