The Way Out -Episode Four

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She knelt on the bed pleading with him, hoping he would stop and have a rethink.  The word “No” lingered in her throat, but wouldn’t come out. She shook her head. He jerked her off the bed and threw her on the floor. She struggled to stand up. The scream of “NO” in her head.

“Please, not tonight” she begged, rising on her feet.

Knowing begging him will not quiet him down but get him irritated. She pleaded. She took to her heels running out of the bedroom, when he released her of his grasp. She ran as fast as she could while he walked majestically to her, knowing he would catch up with her, like he always does.

She looked back to see the smile on his face and thought of nothing more than to escape.  His smile widened when he saw the fear on her face. She kept running, for him not to have her so easily.

“I need to keep running” she stuttered as she fumbled and stumbled. She tried to stand and realized there was an injury in her ankle. Deep in her thought, she didn’t know when he got to her back. She felt his hand on her back, her world shattered.  He gave her the same mischievous smile before grabbing her.

The sound of a glass shattering woke her up, startled from her sleep she remembered having a cup of glass in her hand before dozing off. She looked into the space, lost in her thought.

“I’m saved, I’m saved from him, not totally but at least tonight.” With a sigh, she adjusted herself on the cushion.  She smiled at the good fight she put up. She stood up from the cushion to her room to have a good night rest.

“My sessions with the psychologist is paying off” she thought to herself as she hit her bed.

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