The Way Out -Episode One

Adunfe felt she had enough for the day, brooding over the events of the day, seated on a single cushion in her living room with a plate of chin-chin and a cup of juice.

Her mood was the contrast of the cushions in her living room which was beautifully decorated. The cream cushion was of three sets. Two singles, a double and a three sitter of high taste. The centre table was made of glass, the cotton a bright lemon which blends with the setting of the room giving it the female touch. Her office and dressing is a reflection of how good her taste is.

The clock on the wall was that of the grandpa’s. It struck 10’o’clock, but Adunfe seems not to notice because she was deep in thought.  She placed her chin on her palm as she gave out a sigh.

She woke up late that morning, haven slept late because of a presentation she was preparing. The company knows she can do it, and she has what it takes to deliver. Her job was her only priority and only thing that gives her joy.

She is well respected in the company, her colleagues love and admire her for the effortful work she does and how she takes the job upon herself to offer her best. The several awards sitting on the shelf in her office and home was enough assurance for her and to announce to anyone she was doing well in her area of specialization. Every minute, every hour and every day is spent on her job. Her love for her job can be likened to the same one a lover has for his companion.

Trying to meet up with time, Adunfe drove out of her compound unsure what the day has for her. Adunfe couldn’t hold back her sour mood when she hit traffic. She honked at the driver in front, hissing when she realized there was no way out.  She turned on the radio.

Not ready for the morning talk show, she was about to tune to another station, when the presenter’s words made her have a second thought;

“Suddenly the darkness conveyed

Knowing not what I run from

Could it be my shadow?

What is this: it could be a …



… To Be Continued

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