The Way Out -Episode Three

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Wale walked towards the door to open it. Adunfe looked in shock when she saw two people entering her room. She was yet to get over the shock, when she saw Wale turned towards her with a mischievous smile on his face. He slapped her, making her land on her bed. Before she knew what was happening, two hands held her down.

She fought with all her might, the scream in her throat was held back with the cloth that was used to gag her mouth. They continued each having his turn with her. She cried out her eyes, till she believes all that was left to shed was blood. Her cry for help was not answered to and that was how she kept it from that day.

Wale, who she has always trusted, who was always gentle towards her, who acts with so much care when he is with her. He was with them in the vicious act. She kept struggling but couldn’t escape what fate had for her that day. The knock from the door brought her to her present.

“Come in.” she called out.

Her assistant walked in with a file. She shook her head to let the assistant know she was not attending to the file. She left the office with a heavy burden in her heart. She was not far to her house when her car broke down. Her mechanic got the car fixed after she made several calls to him.

“Can my day get any better?” she said, still in her thought “maybe, some unforeseen forces are planning my days as if it was a deck of cards.”

She stood up from the cushion, sluggishly dragging her feet one after the other to her room, dreading to close her eyes. Knowing he would come for her. She was expecting him as usual, the same way he comes every time to the same room. Nothing changes, not the room, not the smirk on his face when he walks towards her.

“I’m ready for you.”  she said under her tone, enough for her to convince herself and for him not to see the little confidence she has acquired since their last encounter.

He walked to her, not to comfort her but to torment her, not for counsel but for control. She looked up with the face that says I’ve had enough of this. She opened her mouth to tell him, then closed it immediately she realized she was not prepared for him, at least not tonight. He continued, the smirk still on his face.

… To Be Continued

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