The Way Out -Episode Two

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All in all Adunfe got to her place of work not happy with herself not because of getting late but reminisce of what she experienced the previous night. The nostalgic feeling overwhelmed her thoughts.
“Good morning,” her assistant greeted. She stood up to pick up her notepad.
Adunfe still trying to comport herself answered her assistant with a beam. “Cancel all my appointments for the day” heading to her office.
She quickly joined the ongoing meeting in the conference room. She entered apologizing for her lateness. Her presentation was neither denied nor accepted. She was told to work more on her strategies for the proposal. By the time she left the meeting she knew her day couldn’t get any better.
She pulled herself together, so she could get on with her day’s job. She was going through some documents on her desk when she mistakenly spilled some coffee on the files she was reading. She gave out a sigh, taking herself back to the very day her dilemma started.
She had just got admitted to the university. Her exuberance was transferable to anyone around her. Her smile lights up the mood of the students and lectures.
She was coming back from the library. It had been raining continuously, so she had no option than to stay behind in the library. She decided to take the short route home since it was late.
“Stop there,” she heard. Too scared to move she saw three of them coming towards her. She knew she couldn’t escape them, but she had to take a step, she ran as fast as her leg could take her just to escape them. Not taking a look back.
She got to her hostel, entered her room, yet to recover from her ordeal when she heard the loud knock from outside. She asked who it was, got to know it was her hall mate. Thanking her stars, she opened the door for wale.
“Thank God it is you.” she shivered “You won’t believe what happened.”
“What happened to you? Why are you wet?”
She shook her head, dumbfound to tell him what happened. She headed for her bed when the knock on the door jolted her. She looked to see Wale staring at her, “Are you sure you are okay? Do you trust me?” A nod was all she gave.

… To Be Continued

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